The mystery of the enigmatic shapes that have already appeared and continue to appear in crop fields, over time, in several areas on planet Earth, and that have been revealed to us by beneficial extraterrestrials

The revelation of this mystery was made possible when a mysterious telepathic message of an extraterrestrial nature was received,

referring, among others, to the enigmatic shapes called crop circles, which appeared in various kinds of crop fields, over time, in several areas on planet Earth. When this message was received (surprising even us), we were told that these disclosures are, in a certain way, correlated with the new phase that planet Earth has entered starting December 21, 2012.

From the beginning, we would like to point out that these complex pictograms include universally valid harmonic symbols,

which are in fact messages that highlight a certain synthesis and that come from some advanced extraterrestrial civilisations, which are beneficially oriented. Therefore, in the case of the enigmatic shapes of the crop circles, each of them is a complex pictogram. Such a complex pictogram can be viewed as such, and then, by properly focusing on it, a spontaneous evocation of a certain complex telepathic message of extraterrestrial nature occurs in our inner universe. Such a message is always implicitly included in every complex pictogram on which we focus firmly and continuously.

It is essential to consider that such a complex pictogram simultaneously includes in it a certain distinct idea.

It is self-evident that when a human being uses such a complex pictogram (that includes various universally valid harmonic symbols) as we’ve indicated here, adequately focusing the attention and constantly fixing the eyes on such a pictogram, it then becomes possible for that human being, who is connected to the respective pictogram, to intuitively and telepathically discover the complex idea that the respective pictogram evokes. It goes without saying that in this way it becomes possible to receive and assimilate a paranormal, telepathic knowledge of a complex idea, which is thus conveyed by the respective complex pictogram that includes harmonic, universally valid symbols.

Through each complex pictogram, this kind of telepathic and at the same time empathic, predominantly intuitive communication becomes possible because the fundamental structure of consciousness, both in the case of a human being and in the case of an extraterrestrial being that is endowed with consciousness, is similar to certain (and so far unknown) degree. Such high-level knowledge, which is then transferred into the consciousness of the respective human being, involves telepathic phenomena that are universally valid. It is important to note that those telepathic messages then operate in our inner universe in an intuitive manner.

When we intend and then make appropriate efforts to telepathically and intuitively receive the specific message of a complex pictogram

that includes certain universally valid harmonic symbols, it is important to never lose sight of the fact that such a complex pictogram is “organically” integrated in a mysterious way, within the super-gigantic holographic structure of the macrocosmic Manifestation. In accordance with the Occult Holographic Principle, such a complex pictogram that includes universally valid harmonic symbols is and still remains a sui generis organic part that integrates, just like a drop in the ocean, into the great Totally of the beneficial extraterrestrial civilisation where it it was originally elaborated and then transmitted to us here, on Earth, to become a sui generis bridge or channel of communication with the respective extraterrestrial civilisation that this complex pictogram comes from.

It is now evident to us that each of the countless complex pictograms include certain harmonic symbols that are universally valid in the Macrocosm.

Through these symbols there gets triggered, in the inner universe of the human being (who firmly focuses their attention on that complex pictogram), an adequate process of occult resonance with the mysterious reality of the universally valid harmonic symbols that are always included (without exception) in the respective pictogram. The above-mentioned message transmitted to us that, in reality, each complex pictogram encrypts a certain truth that was enunciated and that remains the same forever. Such universally valid symbols that are included in each of these complex pictograms are and remain some mysterious, efficient ways that allow us to discover – in an intuitive, paranormal, telepathic way – truths of a higher order. They also grant us, in this specific precise manner, access to an essential and even spiritual knowledge that we, earthlings, currently need.

Each complex pictogram that includes various harmonic symbols valid throughout the Macrocosm is for each of us humans, a sui-generis riddle whose meaning is revealed, in other words, gradually unfolded in our inner universe. The mysterious conceptual message of each complex pictogram that includes certain universally valid harmonic symbols (which are structured and arranged with great skill) is extraordinarily easy to decode especially by human beings who have to some extent energised the supramental sheath (vijnanamaya kosha).

Such universally valid harmonic symbols, that are included in each complex pictogram of this kind, also implicitly display an amazing power of evocation, which is and remains unlimited.

The universality of such archetypal symbols that are included within each complex pictogram allows us to also see and to intuit that these symbols have a key, and that the essential usefulness of this key is that it helps us avoid losing ourselves in the maze of multiple forms of expression that exists in the macrocosmic Manifestation. As we begin to operate – in the manner described here – with certain complex pictograms of this kind, we notice that all of these aspects are revealed to us and we come to understand them in an intuitive, telepathic way. In other words, we are revealed that it is as natural as possible for a certain harmonic symbol of extraterrestrial origin (which is based on the objective reality that exists there, within the respective extraterrestrial civilisation) to never be confused with a conventional symbol that exists in our physical world and that comes from an arbitrary decision.

The mysterious meaning of these complex pictograms is revealed, we could say by itself, gradually, as if by charm, as soon as we transpose ourselves into a deeply contemplative state, when we simply meditate on that complex pictogram, entering in this way into a universal sphere where the necessary state of neutrality is paramount in order to gradually become aware of an intuitive, paranormal perception, which is objective in its own way and which appears in our consciousness just as a mirroring of that which actually exists in the extraterrestrial reality.

The gradual, intuitive, telepathic, empathic, paranormal process of fully decoding these harmonic symbols that are universally valid in the Macrocosm

then grants us access to a far superior knowledge, which comes from the advanced and beneficially oriented extraterrestrial civilisations. In this way we’re allowed to discover certain ideas, as well as certain truths that each of us needs. Thereafter, as soon as a certain state of certainty is reached, the only aspect that persists is a distant rapport with the vehicle that allowed such a realisation. In the light of these revelations, it can be said that such complex pictograms – which were and will continue to be delivered by certain advanced, beneficially oriented extraterrestrial civilisations – also contain a certain intention that is gradually unveiled to us, as the message of a certain complex pictogram begins to be revealed, at first intuitively.

In order to intuitively and at the same time telepathically penetrate the message of such a complex pictogram, which includes various universally valid harmonic symbols, it is necessary that we are and always remain on the same wavelength, without exception. In other words, this implies that in our inner universe a certain process of occult resonance will be triggered, which will then gradually transfer to our inner universe the mysterious complex message of that pictogram that we have previously focused our attention on within a process of adequate visual contemplation.

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